Trial Database – Global Road Warrior

Global Road Warrior

World Trade Press is a publishing company specializing in topics of international trade, development, culture and cartography. They have been in business for 15 years, but in the past have licensed their proprietary country-based e-content only to very large companies, domestic and foreign government agencies, and third-party resellers. (Significant clients include DHL, UPS, FedEx, every major international logistics and shipping company,the U.S. DoD, and agencies of more than 12 foreign governments.) They now offer their country-based e-content for libraries, universities and secondary schools on a subscription and license basis. “Global Road Warrior,” “Best Country Reports,” and “AtoZ” Series e-content products provide, according to many client librarians, the world’s most comprehensive country data related to:

 *Society and Culture (about 10 x the content of CultureGrams)

 *Communications (the world’s most comprehensive)

*Media (details on thousands of media outlets worldwide)

*Travel (with more of a business perspective, but equally usable for personal travel)

 *Trade (their forte)


*Money and Banking (scans of all banknotes and coinage in worldwide circulation)

*Country Maps (9 proprietary downloadable maps per country)

and more than 20 other topics.

 Database purchased.


4 thoughts on “Trial Database – Global Road Warrior

  1. Global Road Warrior looks very good. It has current and practical information that travelers would find useful, especially business travelers. I recently helped a patron who makes overseas business trips and I think he’d be very interested in GRW. Two criticisms: I wish there was a way to print a full country report (if there’s a way, I didn’t see it) and a way to pick one topic, stick with that topic, and switch between countries (when you select a new country you’re always taken back to the “Country Facts” section)

  2. This is a great database–much information in one source and easy to navigate. This database can help with general and specific questions and is an excellent source for current information, especially useful in this volatile times. I checked specifically on some “hot spots” such as Myranmar (sp?) and Zimbabwe and was impressed with the thoroughness and updated information indicating the dangers present and why. Generally, it is a good source for all kinds of travel details. I would recommend purchase…

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