Trial Database – Capstone Interactive Library

This database currently offers 167 electronic books for young children to help them build their reading skills and engage them in nonfiction reading. They are also great for ELL students to boost literacy in English and Spanish. Books are also links to vetted websites for additional learning. Give it a try and let me know what you think.    Database Purchased – called BookFlix.


Website –


3 thoughts on “Trial Database – Capstone Interactive Library

  1. MyCapstoneLibrary makes non-fiction books much more accessable for the tech-oriented crowd. I think this would be a good buy, because it gives another option to those with limited time to make it to the library.

  2. MyCapstoneLibrary is an intriguing tool for the pre-school and kindergarten youngster working with a parent or caregiver. Encouraging early reading with words and pictures in bright colors is a big plus. Many children and parents will enjoy this addition to their early literacy expeiences.

  3. MyCapstoneLibrary is very bright and colorful, which makes it appealing to children. Parents will love it since it will help improve the reading skills of their children; its audio function will help achieve this goal. It is very browsable, which is a plus for children. Lastly, the books in this database are very navigable, and their graphics are very rich.

    Despite these wonderful characteristics, it does have some drawbacks. It lacks a home button or link; without this function, users cannot go to its starting point. Searching on this database is very limited, but this may be caused by the small selection of books that it offers, which is another drawback.

    Overall, I like this database. I believe that many children and their parents will use it.

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