Catalog Update

You may have noticed a few minor catalog changes (or not).  I have added a button link for social bookmarking in the bib record.  By clicking on this option, patrons can use popular social bookmarking sites to create list of bib records they are interested in keeping.  In Virtual Reference we often have patrons asking how they can create a list of items they want to read.  This is a good solution to this request.  Also, I have cleaned up the bib record page a bit, removed the Additional Information banner and resized the book reviews.

 A couple of months ago we added a “May We Suggest” box to the main catalog page.  If you use the quick search box on the library’s homepage, you may have missed this change.  This box includes links to a several “BookLetters” including “Recently Reviewed”.  Each month we find the items our patrons have reviewed in the catalog and select 25 of them to highlight. Other access point to “Recently Reviewed” is from the main BookLetters page (use the BookLetters link on the left nav bar of the Books, Movies and More page) and the top navigation bar in the catalog.  To date, 79 of our patrons are receiving the Recently Reviewed BookLetter via email and finding it very interesting reading. They can also receive the BookLetters via RSS feed.


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