Top Websites

United States Olympic Committee
Organization: United States Olympic Committee (USOC)
Visitors to the United States Olympic Committee’s Web may access a wide range of information about past and future Olympic venues, the various Olympic sports, and famous U.S. Olympic athletes. Each Olympic sport is profiled with a brief history, summary of the rules, descriptions of the equipment used, and a glossary of the terms used in the sport. A brief history of the Olympics in the U.S. and globally is provided as well.

Global Warming: Early Warning Signs
Organization: Union of Concerned Scientists
This map illustrates the local consequences of global warming… This map builds on work undertaken by the Sierra Club, which published a report on global warming and extreme weather in the United States in August 1998. (UCS)

Computer Animation
Organization: The Why Files
What is computer animation? How is it done? And what’s next for this merger of high technology with cartooning? These are the questions that are bugging the Why Files. (THE WHY FILES) Find the answers to these questions and more.


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