Kids WebFeat

The Kids’s WebFeat conversion to WebFeat express is in the final completion stages. This has been a long difficult conversion due to the customization of our Webfeat. There are a few minor tweaks to the kids page which we hope will improve the page for our elementary and middle school students. 

  • The page now has subject headings which match the Homework Help subjects. 
  • It also has a Quick Search option which searches 3 databases – Grolier Kids, Student Resource Center and Science Online. These three databases cover all school subjects and all formats – encyclopedias, newspaper and magazine articles and e-books. 
  • The catalog search is now scoped to the children’s collection so there will be less results for them to wade through. 

We still have some tweaking to do – changing core databases, adding new databases etc. Our goal is to have it all finished before school starts. You will notice on the Just for Kids side navigation bar there is just one link for databases – Kids Databases A-Z. The new site no longer has the bookmark capability like the old one did so the student is brought to the top of the page.  The A-Z list is down below the subject boxes. We have also added links to the Homework Help website and to the Online Tutors. Please be patient as we work on refining the databases.

Soon we will begin working on the Adult WebFeat conversion as well. We hope this one will go faster.  When the Adult conversion is finished it should be seamless to patrons and staff as it’s really the backend support which is changing.  


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