NetLibrary New Audio Book Titles

Adult Titles Author Narrator Genre
Double Agents, The Griffin, W.E.B. Hecht, Paul Fiction
Success Is the Best Revenge Howard, Tracie & Danita Carter Knight, Ezra Fiction
Ace of Hearts Metzger, Barbara Sterlin, Jenny Romance
American Empire: The Center Cannot Hold Turtledove, Harry Guidall, George Sci-fi
Wild Inferno Ault, Sandi Plummer, Therese Mystery
Something on the Side Weber, Carl various narrators Fiction
Shoot From the Lip Sweeney, Leann Ferland, Danielle Mystery
Cowboy With the Tiffany Gun Latham, Aaron Strozier, Henry Fiction
Spaceman Blues Slattery, Brian Frances Ramirez, Robert Sci-fi
Dark Symphony Feehan, Christine Ferrone, Richard Romance
Sweet Dreams, Irene Burke, Jan Foss, Eliza Fiction
Blindsight Watts, Peter Smith, T. Ryder Sci-fi
Book Borrower, The Mattison, Alice Toren, Suzanne Fiction
Franchise Babe, The Jenkins, Dan Ganser, L.J. Fiction
Jezebel Thomas, Jacquelin Taylor, Myra Lucretia Fiction
Hotel Honolulu Theroux, Paul Guidall, George Fiction
Coyote Dream Davis Stein, Jessica Dretzin, Julie Romance
Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears, The Mengestu, Dinaw Graham, Dion Fiction
Fancy Pants Hake, Cathy Marie Caruso, Barbara Inspirational
Sophie’s Dilemma Snelling, Lauraine Nielsen, Stina Inspirational
Quit Wetherall, Charles James, Lloyd Nonficiton
Temptress Jackson, Lisa Tanner, Jill Romance
Blood of Bass Tillman Smith, Cotton Strozier, Henry Western
Garden Angel, The Friddle, Mindy Gibson, Julia Fiction
Deadly Trail Johnstone, William Garrett, Jack Western
Trail to Cottonwood Falls Dusty Richards Guidall, George Western
Modern Scholar      
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Madden, Thomas F. the professor History
Visions of Utopia Baumann, Fred E. the professor Philosophy
Your Coach In A Box      
Go Team! Blanchard, Randolph, Grazier Business
Future of Management, The Hamel, Gary   Business
Children’s Titles Author Narrator Genre
Company of Swans, A Ibbotson, Eva Conolly, Patricia Fiction
Mr Putter and Tabby Write the Book Rylant, Cynthia McDonough, John Fiction
Ivy & Bean Take Care of the Babysitter Barrows, Annie Morris, Cassandra Fiction
Horrible Harry and the Triple Revenge Kline, Suzy Heller, Johnny Fiction
Jane on Her Own Le Guin, Ursula K. the author Fiction
Red Moon at Sharpsburg Wells, Rosemary Gibson, Julia Fiction
Road of the Dead Brooks, Kevin Thornley, Paul Suspense
Mayor of Central Park, The Avi Nilson, Mark Fiction
Magic & Other Misdemeanors Buckley, Michael Ganser, L.J. Mystery
Centerburg Tales McCloskey, Robert McDonough, John Fiction

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