Top Web Sites

The Charters of Freedom : A New World is At Hand 
A beautiful website which covers the making of the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights  and their impact. Use the top navigation to click through the making and the impact of these documents.  It contains wonderful images which can be downloaded and links to related articles. America’s Founding Fathers is another section of the web site which provides biographies of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention. You can even sign the Declaration of Independence and print out a copy with your signature!

Innovative Lives
A colorful website presents types of inventions with an article about the inventor(s) and their inventions.  Find out what Instant Rent-A-Cars, Wheel-chair Dogs and Smart Blinds have in common.

Freedom a History of US 
From PBS contains Webisodes which explore the story of freedom in America. The site contains teacher guides and an interactive game – “Place the Landmarks”. In addition to text it provides videos, images, timelines, quizzes and additional resources.


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