Database – Study Jams (New)

Study Jams is designed for Grades 3-6 to teach kids math and science topics through videos, karaoke, math tutorials and more. It uses real-world examples.The interactive content entertains and engages kids while making math and science fun and relevant. Teachers can use it in their lessons as it targets relevant lessons in the state standards and works with multiple learning styles.  Also includes quizzes and an Encyclopedia.  Kids earn points which they can use to create music tracks in the “Jam Studios”.

(Currently available on the Homework Help InfoGuide and the Homework Help website – linked in the subjects: Math, Science and Recess – coming soon to Databases A-Z and Kids Databases A-Z)






One thought on “Database – Study Jams (New)

  1. This database is a wonderful addition to our electronic collection. It is animated, bright, colorful and very interactive. It is also very easy to use. Elementary and lower middle school children will love this tool. I am sure that their learning experience will be enhanced with StudyJams.

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