Database Trial – ProQuest Historical Newspapers – San Francisco Chronicle

Please take a look at the Historical San Francisco Chronicle.  I wondering if this would be useful for our patrons researching Nevada or western history. Please leave a comment of what you think about us purchasing this database.  We currently have the LA Times and NY Times for historical content.  These two newspapers are well used.

  Trial expires October 3, 2008.



5 thoughts on “Database Trial – ProQuest Historical Newspapers – San Francisco Chronicle

  1. This database is similar in features and feel to the Historic New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. It was easy to search but I noted did not have anything before 1900. It would also be helpful to have dates beyond 1922. All in all, an excellent product given the previous shortcomings.

  2. Per the Sales Reps: As we discussed, we are now just 39% loaded for the HNP SF Chronicle, nearly all of it after 1900. We have a little bit of the 19th century loaded, including 1880-1882, 1889 and 1899 stuff, but we hope to be 100% by the end of November.

  3. I asked the rep about this and he is checking on it but he thinks they are still loading the database. They actually load the database backwards so 1900-1922 are currently loaded.

    It currently does not go past 1922 do to copyright laws. The owners are not giving permission to go further but they are working on the owners to grant permission.

  4. Proquest must have blocked some of the content for this trial — I can’t find anything older than 1900 in it. Having a West Coast newspaper that goes back to the 1860’s should be very useful for Nevada history research, though. I also wish coverage extended beyond 1922, but I vote YES on Proquest Historical SF Chronicle.

  5. Picture quality and text not always the greatest quality, but I could see the use of this database for researchers.

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