Database Update – Literature Criticism Online

New Features:

  • Browse Topics – access 600+ topical entries easily through our new alpha-browse feature, with new entries added regularly.
  • Updated indexing in “Browse Works” and “Browse Authors” – deep cross-referencing found in Gale’s Literary Index is now integrated within Literature Criticism Online.
  • Titles Discussed – works entries include links to all relevant pages that discuss a related title within any given essay – extreme cross-referencing at work.
  • Updated language – intuitive “Inside this Entry” and “Inside this Volume” links provide easily understood directions for exploring volumes and entries.
  • Updated design to Print/View PDFs – page limits reduce the amount of loading time (and printer paper) for patrons who want more than just a two-page spread.
  • Hit-Term Highlighting and Relevant Pages now available for Keyword searches – originally active in full-text searches, this has now been applied to keyword searches, too.
  • New design for navigating to Relevant Pages – find your search terms easily by navigating directly to relevant pages with the click of a mouse.
  • Cleaner InfoMarks for document Source Citations – links are more readily recognized in bibliographies, coursepacks, social bookmarking sites and more.

 Some additional basic changes in Literature Criticism Online will have a MAJOR effect on how relevancy and currency are perceived within the database. By changing the Basic Search default index from “Full-text” to “Keyword” and changing the default sort from “Publication Date Ascending” to “Publication Date Descending”, users will find the most up-to-date entries and relevant keyword search results at their fingertips, without changing anything other than their search terms!



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