Did You Know? – Nevada Digital Collections

Did you know about these digital collections from Nevada Libraries? These can be found in the Digital Collections section of the Las Vegas & Nevada History InfoGuide.

 White Pine News 1881-1886

Nevada in Maps
Historical and contemporary maps presenting topographic, geologic, and mining themes.

 Nevada Agricultural Publications
1888 – present This collection includes more than 1,000 publications of the Agricultural Experiment Station and Nevada Cooperative Extension, and will eventually include a range of materials that highlight the history of agriculture in Nevada.

Southern Nevada and Las Vegas: History in Maps
This is a collection of maps dating from the 17th century to the present, including significant collections concerning the exploration of the American West, the American Southwest, Nevada, and Southern Nevada.

Southern Nevada Maps
This collection contains USGS Topographic Maps and US Army Corps of Engineer maps of various locations in Southern Nevada, dating from 1945 to 1984.

Local History Projects
Henderson Libraries local history project includes photos from Basic Magnesium Industries and St. Rose de Lima Hospital.

Memphis Belle Collection
After completing her 25th successful bombing mission, The Memphis Belle and her crew were retired from active service in the European Theatre and sent to the United States for a tour of Army Air Forces establishments. The BMI Plant in Henderson was one of the stops on this tour, as the magnesium produced at the plant was used in the bombs which The Memphis Belle deployed during her bombing missions.

Nevada Test Site Oral History Project
The Nevada Test Site Oral History Project documents the remembered past of persons affiliated with and affected by the Nevada Test Site during the era of Cold War nuclear testing. Nearly 200 full-text searchable transcripts and audio clips are available in this digital collection.

No other icon epitomizes Las Vegas like the showgirl. While Las Vegas has become known primarily as a gambling resort, in fact its enteritainment is as important to its tourist industry as gambling.

Las Vegas and Water in the West
The planning and construction of Hoover Dam is the central and defining phenomenon of the history presented by this digital project.

Fourth Ward School Museum and Archives, Virginia City Staff and graduates of the school 1876-1936.

Early Las Vegas
This website is a historical photographic collection related to the early history of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Before Gaming… Celebrating Las Vegas’ Centennial, 1905-2005
Before Gaming. Before Hotels. Before the tourists came. Where Indians, explorers, settlers, and ranchers wandered, set down, picked up, and mostly moved on.

Images of Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe has been called the jewel of the Sierra. The 900+ images in this collection represent only a small portion of the photographic images of Lake Tahoe held by the Special Collections Department of the UNR Library.

Sagebrush Vernacular
Sagebrush Vernacular is an exhibition of 120 photographs selected from approximately 500 photographs of rural Nevada architecture taken by advanced photography students from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Just Passin’ Through
The 170+ images in this collection document places and activities along the Lincoln and Victory highways as they cross Nevada, eastern California and western Utah, as well as Reno’s Transcontinental Highways Exposition of 1927 celebrating the completion of the two roads.

UNR Artwork Collection
This collection contains 281 paintings in the Special Collections Department of the UNR Library and features work by Western artists, including Maynard Dixon, Theodore Waddell, Will James, and Lorenzo Latimer, as well as Mildred Lane, Hildegard Herz, and Minerva Pierce, all of whom were founding members of Reno’s Latimer Art Club.

Campus Images
This collection of over 1,700 images reflect the University of Nevada, Reno’s history from its founding in Elko to its present location and growing campus. The collection is the result of a collaboration between various campus entities that have contributed either historical or current images of UNR.

Sheep Industry of Northern Nevada
Sheep have always played an important role in the economic history of Nevada. This collection of 539 photos document almost 80 years of the sheep industry in Northern Nevada, and accompanies the Sheepherders of Northern Nevada online exhibit.

La Baskonia
La Baskonia or La Vasconia was a Spanish language journal published from 1893 until 1943, that depicted the vitality and creativity of the Basque community in Argentina during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

History of Medicine
These 672 images were selected from 7,000+ photographs that relate to the University of Nevada School of Medicine; the Nevada State Medical Association; and the Reno Surgical Society. They document over 100 years of healthcare for Nevada’s citizens, including 19th-century frontier military medicine in the Great Basin.

Reifschneider Collection
This collection contains 275 images of plants and trees taken in northern Nevada and the Lake Tahoe region by botanist and nature writer Olga Reifschneider from the 1940s-70s; it presents an expansive view of the botanical life of this region and is exclusively devoted to native plants.

Historic Aerial Photographs
The 61 images in this collection were taken by Forest Service and Soil Conservation Service photographers who hung their cameras out of planes in consecutive summers in 1938 and 1939 as part of the forest and soil survey work carried out during the siting of the Mount Rose Highway.

Special Collections Photograph Collection
The 800+ images in this collection are but a fraction of the more than 200,000 images housed in the Special Collections Department of the UNR Library that document life in Nevada and the surrounding region from the 1860’s to the present.

Nevada Architectural Archives
The 4 sets of architectural plans in this collection are but a fraction of the hundreds of architectural drawings from significant Nevada architects and architectural firms that are housed in the Special Collections Department of the UNR Library.

Tahoe Resources
The 145 items in this collection are a variety of streaming videos, special reports, historic documents and other locally-held resources intended to complement the content of the Tahoe Research, Scholarship and Outreach website.

University Archives Documents
The 47 historic documents in this collection include the early annual and biennial reports of the Board of Regents, some of which also include reports from the UNR president and its comptroller.

Arborglyphs on Peavine
This database, created by arborglyph researcher Joxe Mallea-Olaetxe, documents and interprets 541 arborglyphs carved by 108 sheepherders in five aspen groves on Peavine Mountain in Reno and includes photographs and/or video clips for about half the trees.

 The Buckaroos in Paradise Collection presents documentation of a Nevada cattle-ranching community, with a focus on the family-run Ninety-Six Ranch. The documentation was largely the work of the Paradise Valley Folklife Project (1978-1982), a research initiative conducted by the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. This collection presents 41 motion pictures and 28 sound recordings that tell the story of life and work on the Ninety-Six Ranch and of its cowboys, known in the region as buckaroos.


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