Top Websites

Genetic Engineering
Organization: Iowa Public Television (IPTV)
“Genetic Engineering is the application of engineering technology to single genes, and the reintroduction of these genes into cells of the same or different species. [This site] provides the basic information you need to know as you look at the issues surrounding this growing field….[Also] check out the ways genetic engineering is already being used and other uses on the horizon….[Evaluate] some of the most controversial issues raised by genetic engineering, from pharming to cloning to feeding the world.” (IPTV)

Hooray for Halloween!
Organization: The Why Files
This site examines “the science of Halloween: bats, brains and cemeteries” (THE WHY FILES). Learn about the biology of bats, the study of the human brain, and the archaeology of burials through this humorous, Halloween-themed article.

Why Leaves Change Color
Organization: USDA Forest Service
This page explains how and why leaves change color in autumn, how weather affects this change, and why leaves fall.


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