No More NoveList???? HELP!

As most of you have noticed, NoveList went away at the beginning of this month. After EBSCO changed the format, it just made staff angry and frustrated when they tried to use it.

So, what on earth do you do now for Readers Advisory?

We have other, incredibly cool, databases to replace NoveList and NoveList K8.

For the Adults, we have Fiction Connection (with a cool tag cloud and an even cooler concept map), Readers Advisor (with a lovely, easy to use interface) and What Do I Read Next.

For Kids, we have Book Flix, Children’s Comprehensive Literature (which includes Lexile Levels), and Read the Books (which is also where you’ll find your schools’ AR lists.)

Becky is developing staff classes for both the Adult and the Childrens Readers Advisory resources. They’re in the planning stages, but if you contact Becky, you can probably start pinning down dates. (email=holbom, phone 3453)

For the moment, the classes will be HERE, in the Virtual Library Training room.

If there are specific features you want to know about, drop Becky an email, so she can be sure to include them in her class outline. (eg: How do I get all the books in a series and print them out in order? How can I find other authors like Colleen McCullough? etc.)


One thought on “No More NoveList???? HELP!

  1. Books In Print is also working on a new interface with a lot of cool new tools for both patrons and staff. Watch VL Notes for when it becomes available. Projected availablity is December 2008.

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