Database Trial – DragonSource Qikan Chinese Online Reading Room

A database of 2000 of China’s most well-known and circulated titles of magazines and journals are available in three formats – Text base, PDF and audio.  Text based version covers 1997 to the present.  Currently, PDF and audio cover from 2006 to the present but there are plans to provide older issues in the near future.

Patrons can browse by title or topic as well as search across all the publications. 

I have included a PowerPoint – product-show_97-2003_format (double click the link and it takes a few minutes to load) to help you understand the database better.

Con: searching can only be done in the Chinese Language.  This might be an issue with patrons using the database in-house. However, we did discover patrons could go to, type into the google search box a word to search, copy the Chinese characters, then go to the database and paste the characters into a search box on DragonSource and execute the search. So there is a work around for in-house patrons who wish to search the magazines rather than browse.

Pro: Great resource for our Chinese patrons

So what do you think about the library purchasing this database?  Take the poll and feel free to leave comments.


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