Goodbye Serials List…

And hello “Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions”.

We often forget that our patrons don’t speak “Library-ese.” When they’re looking for a magazine, patrons ask “Does any of the libraries subscribe to…” or “Does the Summerlin Library have XXX Newspaper?”

Not a one of them knows what a “Serials List” is.

When you click on the Library Resources link, on the top – left of the library web page, you’ll see we’ve renamed “Serials List” to be “Magazine & Newspaper Subscriptions”.

We’ve also made the “Newspaper” link more informative. That old link really went to what major physical newspapers ARCHIVES each library stored, in what format, and for how long. It wasn’t a list of the newspapers the libraries subscribed to.

We’ve renamed that to be “Newspaper Archives.”

New names for Serials


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