Global Road Warrior

The Global Road Warrior has just added two more categories of data.

  1. Open the site,
  2. choose a country,
  3. click “Society & Culture” and you’ll find two new categories to get your taste buds running.

Food & Recipes

Beginning with an overview of the country’s cuisine, the “Food & Recipes” category will lead readers to brief descriptions of the classic dishes of each country. In a consistent format for each country, the classic dishes are broken into appetizer, soup, salad, main dish, side dish, dessert, and beverage categories. And to bring the aroma of the classics to life, five to ten selected classic recipes follow. So, start cooking!


The new Global Road Warrior “Sports” category offers in-depth information about sporting life in each of 175 countries, from amateur to professional. Each article discusses the degree of sport interest in the country, individual sport participation (from childhood to the old age), private sports clubs, women in sports, school sports, and professional sports-highlighting notable players and dominant and popular teams. Major spectator sporting events of the country with descriptions and dates are listed at the end of every article. Anyone researching the culture of sport can now race around the globe without breaking a sweat in any of 175 countries.


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