Top Websites – Inaugurations, Teen Mothers and Darfur

  • I Do Solemnly Swear | Presidential Inaugurations
    Organization: American Memory, Library of Congress (LOC)
    “I Do Solemnly Swear…”: Presidential Inaugurations is a collection of approximately 400 items from each of the 62 inaugurations from George Washington’s in 1789 to William Jefferson Clinton’s in 1997, and will include items from the 63rd inauguration of 2001. This presentation includes diaries and letters of presidents and of those who witnessed inaugurations, handwritten drafts of inaugural addresses, broadsides, inaugural tickets and programs, prints, photographs, and sheet music.” (LIBRARY OF CONGRESS) The site may be searched by keyword, subject or inauguration.
  • Life Stories (Teen Mothers)
    Organization: Musarium
    This site, produced by Daphne Geismar in conjunction with Journal E, documents the life stories of teenage mothers through photographs and essays.
  • Eyes on Darfur
    Organization: Amnesty International USA
    “Get a first hand look into the Darfur crisis with satellite evidence, photos, videos, eyewitness accounts and detailed case studies.” (AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL USA)
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