Historic Map Works Library Edition – Trial

Historic Map Works Library Edition is one of the most extensive digital map collections available, with over 200,000 high-resolution, full color historic maps.

The core of the collection consists of property and land ownership maps illustrating the geographic and development history of the United States. This unique content allows genealogists, historians, and researchers to track the “residential genealogy” of families and locations.

Historic Map Works collections include:

  • Property Maps, over 100,000 maps covering the development of the United States since the late 1700’s to the present
  • Antique Maps, over 100,000 antiquarian maps covering the world from the 15th to 19th centuries, drawn from the University of Southern Maine’s Osher Map Library
  • City Directories & Illustrations, thousands of related listings, images, business ads, and statistics

The special attention to image quality allows users to see incredible detail that supports research into ancestral lands, land boundaries and structures, geographic names and locations, community growth, topography, and more.

Plus, with collections that span decades and centuries, researchers can easily examine change over time-from big cities to small rural areas around the world.

The straightforward interface lets users search Historic Maps Works by keywords, location names, and other advanced features. They can also easily browse the collections using an intuitive point-and-click world map. Other features such as image previews, zoom in/out, and image cropping make reviewing and using the maps easy.

Leave your comments about this database and let me know if we should buy it.

Trial available until February 10, 2009

URL:  http://trials.proquest.com/ptc?userid=2869199

login: welcome


3 thoughts on “Historic Map Works Library Edition – Trial

  1. What a wonderful program! It’s easy to use and navigation is a breeze. I pulled up maps of my hometown and saw the growth of the city of Rutland, Vermont, from the early to the mid 1800’s. What a terrific addition to geneaology researching.

  2. Really cool. I found my parents property on some old PA township maps. The images are very clear. There are a few city directories more would nice. Since this database is international in coverage people with varying interest will find it useful. Buy it!

  3. I played around with this database and found it to be very user-friendly. My dad is currently researching the history of our house in New Jersey, and I was able to find several maps that listed previous property owners. They are listed aphabetically and, for our county at least, there were several different years. I think it is a valuable and user-friendly resource for people doing residential geneaology.

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