LearningExpress New Interface

On Monday February 9th LearningExpress will have a new interface. To help you get acquainted with the new user interface, there is a self-guided tour, which can be accessed at: 
Version 2.0 Sneak Preview Demo
In the tour, you can click on various topics and watch a brief “Flash” video demonstration, which illustrates the differences between Version 2.0 and the current version of LearningExpress Library.

What’s new in LearningExpress LibraryTM Version 2.0?

Easy-to-Use Interface:

The key difference between the current version of LearningExpress Library and Version 2.0 is the home page layout and organization.

  • In Version 2.0, courses and tests are organized into intuitive Learning Centers, which group together courses, tests, and other related content in one place. In addition, users will be able to search for content at any time as well as view a list of all available resources on a single page.
  • In Version 2.0, the “My Account” page will be replaced with the “My Center” page. Users will still have access to the same courses, tests, and reports as before. In fact, all current and completed tests stored in the former “My Account” section will now appear in the “My Center” page.

Header Writing Improvement

Improved Online Help and Documentation:

In addition to making the new user interface easier to use and fully searchable, Version 2.0 also features enhanced online help. From “Getting Started” tutorials to topic-based help, Version 2.0 guides users through every step.


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