BrainFuse: HelpNow

BrainFuse has a new look!  The Launch page has been redesigned with generous, colorful buttons that put services, such as the popular writing lab, within easy reach.

Additional features launching this month include:




Patrons will now enjoy on-demand homework help and skills building from foreign language experts. Spanish will be the first language supported, but expect additional languages and resources in subsequent launches.


Ø  24/7 CENTER

Patrons can now submit academic questions (and even attach supporting documents) any time of day and receive a response from one of our tutors via our secure message center.  Incidentally, the idea for this service came from an enterprising student who used our writing lab to get help understanding a complex physics concept.



Many libraries have switched to Brainfuse because of our shorter patron wait times. In part, we’ve accomplished this through QuickConnect — a breakthrough set of smart routing and tutor matching technologies that have been developed over the course of 9 years.  We’ve now made QuickConnect even smarter with cutting-edge, intelligent features that further ensure staffing efficiency and short wait times. The result is a service that continues to meet patron needs while staying within your library’s budget.

And look for more new features coming soon.


2 thoughts on “BrainFuse: HelpNow

  1. Thanks for offering this service, as well as offering Live Homework Help. I like Live Homework Help better, but this one is OK too.

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