Top Websites

  • Hoot Endangered Species Map
    Organization: Walden Media, LLCClick on your state to learn about its endangered species. This interactive map also shows the locations of the different biomes in the country.
  • Justice Talking: Rats, Rights and Research: A Debate on Animal Rights
    Organization: University of Pennsylvania”For 4000 years, a legal wall has separated humans from the rest of the animal world… but now some are trying to tear that wall down. Given that they share 99 percent DNA with humans, should chimpanzees be treated as people with basic rights? What would that mean for medicine? For science? …for zoos and circuses? Should the U.S. constitution say ‘we the people, and other animals?'” (ANNENBERG CLASSROOM) Visitors to this site can listen to a National Public Radio (NPR) program that includes a debate on this issue.
  • Library of Congress YouTube Channel
    The Library of Congress has created their own YouTube channel which contains 74 videos but it is just a start.  The site will continue to grow as they convert their archived films.  One of the very first movies ever made – Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze, Jan. 7, 1894- is now available for anyone to view online. In addition viewers can rate videos and make comments; they can also embed them into their websites, blogs or reports.  The possibilities of using these videos are endless.
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