Kids WebFeat Updated

Since moving to WebFeat Express model we have had the ability to see how much use the the Kids WebFeat was getting.  Unfortunate, usage was very low.  After talking with a number of YPL staff and Tina in WOW we came to the following conclusions:

  1. Teens were not using this site – they go directly to the adults WebFeat page. The site is not appealing to them.
  2. Younger students in elementary school were too overwhelmed with the site. The number of databases and subject area choices are just too much for them.

So we decide to focus on just elementary school students.  By reducing the number of databases to just the databases for this age group it would limit the number of databases. Also by removing our teen audience subjects it makes it less overwhelming.  Taking Tina’s database suggestions we came up with a very basic list of databases, easy for elementary age children to use.

Today we have launched the changes. We hope the changes to this search tool will help elementary school students find information easier.  Please take a look and feedback is always welcome.  If you feel strongly about providing a database not listed let us know as we can easily  make changes.


One thought on “Kids WebFeat Updated

  1. Thank you for addressing the database issue. I work in the HHL at Centennial Hills Library. I have found the same issues. Most of the students who use our lab only know about Google. I hope to show them the richness of our databases when they come in to the lab. I work closely with our YPL to ascertain the sites that have become most useful to the students in the family computer and YPL computer locations.

    The high school students seem to be put off by the word kids and the current site graphics. They do not go to the Middle School/High School link on the signpost. They immediately go to Google.

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