Read The Books

Today Readthebooks  announced a new feature – ‘Early Reader’ which was created to help patrons find an age-appropriate early reader. It was apparent that some of the techniques used by the publishing industry to “grade” a book were a bit confusing. Colors. Levels. Even flags. So after much code-wrangling, the vendor was able to come up with a layout that should be helpful and fun. 

This new feature can be accessed from the  main menu by clicking the “Early Readers” button.  In this module, patrons can click “Theme” (humor, family, etc.), or click “Series” to view a publisher’s early reader collection, i.e., “I Can Read”. 

As always, a list of books will display and, if available, a patron can scroll over the “Details” button to view a brief book description. Plus the “Check the Catalog” button is present. 

The vendor has tried to include many of the popular early readers in this first version and will be adding more monthly. Because there are so many of them we many not have them in our catalog. Good news: we can select which sets to display by going into our administrative menu and simply check the box to activate the collection(s) for viewing.  If you find series which the library does not have please let me know.

Finally, please let me know if they have missed a collection. Just send me an email and let me know which ones should be added. If possible, please provide the publisher’s name.


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