Inventions and Discoveries

The newest addition to World Book’s Digital Libraries

World Book Digital Libraries offer an online, interactive complement to World Book.s most popular print reference sets. Each library inventionsfeatures all the content from the print set as well as videos and animations, interactive activities, curriculum correlations, and links to encyclopedic content.

Inventions and Discoveries is an exploration of the transformative impact of the inventions and discoveries that continue to shape our world today, including an examination of advances in agriculture, engineering, communications, economics, manufacturing, the arts, astronomy, transportation, warfare, medicine, mathematics, and everyday items.

Key features include:

• Easy-to-read content that helps students understand core curriculum topics

• Translation tool that generates content into 13 languages

• Text-to-speech feature that allows students to highlight text and hear it read aloud

• Video tutorials and animations that help visual learners grasp difficult concepts

• Interactive activities that engage students in the topics

• Lesson plans and reading comprehension questions that enable teachers to gauge students. understanding of key concepts

• Font size that can be enlarged for easy reading

• Correlation to state and provincial curriculum standards and benchmarks
Take a tour of Digital Libraries at:

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