WorldBook Online Updates

Recently WorldBook Online added three new features to WorldBook Online – Discover, Decouverte and pathfinders.

WorldBook Discover

Discover is research tool.  It has topics you can select. Selecting one gives the viewer a brief overview and links into the various WorldBook encyclopedias.  But the real cool  part of this resource is in it’s special features:

  • Build and print your own timeline!
  • Visual Dictionary
  • Life Skills Center

To learn more view the video tutorial.  This tutorial is also available on the Librarian’s BrainHow-to-Videos tab.

Decouverte is the French version of Worldbook Online.

Pathfinders are created by Worldbook research staff or individuals.  This is a great tool for teachers!  You share the pathfinders with anyone access Worldbook Online or you can keep them private.

To create a pathfinder first create a My Research account. (Hint: use your email address as your user name). View the video – How to create a Pathfinder for more information.


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