Encore Search on Voyager

As of Thursday morning (June 4) the Encore search box is now available on Voyager. You are welcome to use Encore anytime. This interface for the Library is fully functional and what occurs in Encore instantly occurs in the Classic Catalog (WebPac) and vice versa. Encore is only available in-house at this time as we are waiting on a couple of fixes.  Please leave your comments here on Virtual Library Notes.
Known Issues:

  • Summary and Fic/Bio links do not display any content.
  • Explore link is not setup yet – I’m working on it.
  • Classic Catalog link does to different locations
    • Full Bib Record Classic Catalog goes to the record you are on in Encore – this seems correct.
    • The Classic Catalog link at the top of all pages goes to Advanced Search page in the Classic Catalog.  Should this link be renamed or should the link function the same as the other Classic Catalog link ?

Why use encore?

  • Keyword searchers will finding it much better than the classic catalog. If you are an advanced searcher then this interface is not for you.
  • It’s faster, especially when the Library Catalog slows down in the afternoon.
  • It’s available when the classic catalog is off line.

Seeking input to this question – If you login into Encore then go to the classic catalog you are not logged in.  I’m not sure about this one as being an issue but If you login on the classic after logging in on Encore then logout on Encore, as soon as you do something in the classic catalog you get logged out.  Should the logging system work this way?

Want to learn more?  View the short tour of Encore.


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