WebFeat Tweaks

After reviewing the usage of our federated search –  WebFeat the Virtual Library made a few minor tweaks to help improve the results patrons get when they use it to search the databases.

  • Changed the ranking of articles to Relevancy ranking from grouped. (This was done to both Kids and Adult webfeat).  Previous results we presented by database groups.  This grouping was random as it depended on how fast the database responded to the query.  Our current Library Catalog uses relevancy ranking so now it will more consistent as well as providing  the information the patron wants without having to do so much digging.  Depending on the search this usually brings the most recent articles to the top of the list.  A good example to try is Sonia Sotomayor searching Magazine and Journal articles and Newspaper and Current Events.
  • Changed some of the default selections under the subject headings. Patrons should notice a better refined results set.
  • Added and deleted a few databases from the Subject areas.
    • Encyclopedia Articles –  WorldBook was added
    • Informacion en Espanol – added Hispanic Saber
    • Something Good To Read – added Read the Books and Reader’s Advisor; NetLibrary eBooks deleted.
    • General Reference – Added Historical Statistics of the U.S. and Discover
    • Arts & Entertainment – added Credo Reference, OverDrive Movies and Music links; deleted Crossword Puzzle Solver (found in Credo Reference)
    • Careers and Education – added Gale Virtual Reference Library
    • History – added American Revolutionary Digital Archives, Slavery Digital Archive; deleted Proquest Obits.
    • Lands and Culture – added African American Experience and Daily Life Through History; deleted the CIA World Factbook, State Geography, Encyclopedia Americana, Encyclopedia of States and Encyclopedia of Nations (these are found in the Gale subcollection of Society and Culture so they were being searched twice.)
    • Literature and Poetry – deleted netLibrary and Readers Advisor
    • Science and Technology added InfoTrac OneFile and Today’s Science; deleted New Book of Knowledge

Hopefully, these refinements will make it easier for patrons to find what the information they are looking for in the databases.


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