OverDrive Media Console™ v3.2 for Windows!

It’s here! The new version of OverDrive® Media Console. Nearly all WMA Audiobooks in the download collection are now compatible with the iPod®, iPhoneT, iPod touch®, and iPod nano®, as well as Zune® and thousands of other portable devices, with a simple upgrade of OverDrive Media Console to version 3.2 on Windows® PCs.

With OMC v3.2 for Windows®, users can…

  • Transfer WMA Audiobooks to Apple® devices such as the iPod®, iPhone™, and iPod touch®! When allowed by the publisher (many of the premiere publishing partners including Books on Tape®, Hachette Audio, Penguin Audio, BBC Audiobooks America, and Brilliance Audio among others are indeed permitting this), users can transfer WMA Audiobooks downloaded from our Virtual Branch directly to their iPods and iPhones! Publishers have reserved the right to allow this on a title-by-title basis, but to date, we are thrilled to report that the publishers mentioned have allowed this for all of the WMA Audiobook titles offered.To encourage that content is enjoyed in accordance with terms of use, files are transcoded ‘on the fly’ by OverDrive Media Console. The resultant files are then sent directly to the Apple device; no superfluous files are left on the user’s PC.
  • Send MP3 Audiobooks to the iTunes® Library with Transfer Wizard. Developed in response to popular demand, this feature allows users of MP3 Audiobooks to send titles to their iTunes Library and/or their Apple device in the course of a single transfer.
  • Burn audiobook parts to CD in just a few clicks using Burn Wizard–on all supported Windows operating systems. Previously, users of Windows 98SE and 2000 needed to launch Windows Media® Player to burn titles to CD. With OverDrive Media Console v3.2, these users can have a quicker and more straightforward time of it using OMC’s built-in Burn Wizard. While this remains a permission that publishers can choose to disable title-by-title, when titles can be burned to CD, all users should be able to do so with ease.
  • Perform a test burn. Users can put Burn Wizard into a new ‘Test mode’ to complete a test of the burn process. Completing a burn in ‘Test mode’ simulates the burn process, allowing users to test the CD compilation for errors before actually burning any data to disk.
  • Enjoy a new playback option. OMC users can take advantage of a new playback option wherein OMC automatically resumes playback from the most recently played point (i.e., the point in the title where the user either clicked ‘Stop’ or exited OverDrive Media Console while the title was playing). The other playback options are still available, and users can customize playback as they see fit via the ‘Options’ dialog box.
  • Let OverDrive Media Console alert them of software releases and news about the software–automatically. These two features are managed in the ‘Options’ dialog box, and are enabled by default. With these settings enabled, users will be kept up to date on news about the software.
  • With iTunes v8.1.0.52 (or newer) in place, use Transfer Wizard to send titles to the iPod shuffle®. Formerly, iPod shuffle users likely had to transfer to their devices using iTunes. OMC v3.2 works in conjunction with iTunes v8.1.0.52 to transfer content to the device using Transfer Wizard.

To promote awareness of this exciting new release and support it at our Virtual Branch, OverDrive® will…

  • Create new homepage collections to feature OverDrive Audiobooks that can be transferred to iPods/iPhones. These collections will be separate from MP3 Audiobook collections, so as to circumvent confusion on supported computer operating systems (MP3 Audiobooks can be used on Mac® and Windows, whereas WMA Audiobooks can only be transferred to Apple devices using OMC v3.2 for Windows computers).
  • Post a new homepage blurb at our site, alerting our patrons of this exciting new release.
  • Refresh our Help pages to both promote and support OverDrive Media Console v3.2 for Windows.
  • Update the Title Details page for WMA Audiobooks that can be transferred to Apple devices, to make it clear to users which titles can and cannot be transferred to Apple devices. The ‘iPod’ icon in the ‘Plays on’ section of the screen will be enabled where this support exists, and the alt text on this icon will indicate that the title can be transferred to Apple devices using OMC v3.2 for Windows. The ‘Digital Rights Information’ section of this page will clearly state whether this permission is in place for the title.
  • If a publisher enables transfer to Apple device for a title, this then holds true for all instances of the title (i.e., regardless of geographic location, applies whether you lend the titles on the ‘one copy/one patron’ model or via the MaxAccess/Always Available plan).
  • The ability to transfer WMA Audiobooks to Apple devices is supported in OMC v3.2 for Windows only. If Mac users want downloadable Audiobooks, they will need to checkout audiobooks in the MP3 format. Due to incompatibility of DRM-protected WMA files and the Mac OS®, there are no plans to offer the ability to transfer WMA Audiobooks to Apple devices on Mac computers at this time.
  • iTunes v7.6.2.9 (or newer) and QuickTime® v7.4.5 (or newer) are required to transfer content to Apple devices. The Apple device must be formatted for use with Microsoft® Windows, and the setting ‘Manually manage music…’ must be enabled in iTunes for the device.

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