Coming Soon – Gale Directory Library Enhancements

Coming Soon…

With expanded data and state-of-the-art search and export features, Gale Directory Library will allows you to select the directories you want and make them available to your users any time, from anywhere.

Here are some of the search and export features that will create a better experience for your users, making Gale Directory Library the preferred go-to resource:

  • Landing pages – Each directory will have its own landing page and MARC records will point to them. This will also allow for seamless OPAC integration and will let users hone in on specific directories.
  • Faceted search refinement – Users can build queries as they go, refining or expanding on the current criteria
  • Did You Mean functionality – With alternate suggestions for typos and misspellings, users will find more relevant search results
  • People list export – Users can export lists of contacts as well as company information

Look for the enhancements in the next 2-3 weeks.

Find out more about the Gale Directory Library product enhancements:gale directory library


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