Books In Print 2.0

Your are welcome to try out the new version of Books In Print.  Please be sure to leave comments about the new version.  This update will go live in Julybip20 and Bowker is offering staff training.  If you are interested please let me know and I will be happy to schedule sessions.


2 thoughts on “Books In Print 2.0

  1. Meh. Though it offers some suggestions if you use general search terms (“Bartimaeus” instead of “Bartimaeus Trilogy”) I don’t think I’d find it useful outside of determining whether or not a book is available to order, which I could do using Bibz. I didn’t find the tag cloud that useful, and I don’t know if a patron is going to find it useful at all unless they are just trying to figure out if a book is in print or not.

    The “suggestions” I saw were really more just narrowed search terms, and that might be useful in searching for that book a patron was looking for…you know, the one where they only remember a few plot points and a character’s name…but as a reader’s advisory tool I’d pass on using it.

  2. This is supposed to be a readers advisory database, right? I can’t see how it would be remotely useful for readers advisory. It doesn’t list series or author read alikes and the word cloud that comes up with the search provides other avenues of search options that are not connected to your original search (like dolphin and sunscreen). I search for “Swimsuit” by James Patterson, it brought the book up but all it really tells me about the book is which formats it comes in that are available for purchase, the name of contributers and the publishing information. Not impressed.

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