Mobile eBooks To Go

Our mobile eBooks To Go site is live. Just take your mobile device and go to and it should recognize your device as being mobile.  If you want to see it on your computer use the same URL.  Once loaded on your computer look at the URL.  In the URL replace 10/224 with 40/20.  The mobile should appear in your browser.  I have not been able to test it with a mobile device since my Dell Axim doesn’t work on the Library’s wifi system.

If you have a mobile device and are successful connecting let me know.  Also how does it look on your device?


2 thoughts on “Mobile eBooks To Go

  1. I have an IPOD touch and I tried but it doesn’t look any different to me, what is it suppossed to look like? It also took a long time to load the page. My main concern with a mobile webpage is for it to contain all the same features but in a way that is easier to read for a smaller screen. Barnes and Noble has a good mobile site, although it doesn’t contain all of their awesome website features (like checking if the book you want is in town and reserving it right away).

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