Databases A-Z Getting Shorter

As you may have noticed the Database A-Z list is getting shorter.  Tomorrow morning we will launching another revision. This change is designed to make things less confusing to patrons. We have made use of EBSCO and Gale’s power searches as well as combining all databases from a vendor under one link when possible.  Look for Articles in EBSCO and Articles in Gale along with the following:

  • WorldBook – does not include the Spanish version
  • Grolier – does not include individual links for America the Beautiful and Lands and People
  • NewsBank – contains all the newspaper links – we did bring back the Obituaries and Genealogy Bank as a separate link.  It still goes to the same page as the NewsBank Newspapers goes to.

Subject searches in WebFeat will have power searches of EBSCO and Gale if they had any of the single databases.  For example Newspaper Source is an EBSCO database as is Academic Search.  Under newspapers and Current Events there will be link for Articles in EBSCO.

We will keep tabs on how it’s working and hopefully have fined tuned before school starts.

Remember this does NOT affect the InfoGuides.  Individual database links are available in the InfoGuides so if a patron is looking for just science information you may want to direct them to the Science InfoGuide where they will find the Science databases along with books and websites.


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