Articles in Gale Databases

Gale PowerSearchWe are in the process of grouping Gale databases together under one search link.  Articles in Gale (this is what we are calling it on our Databases A-Z page) – searches all the magazine and newspaper databases we own. This ‘federated search’ provides for some really cool features. It is the same interface as what appears on the individual databases like InfoTrac OneFile. Here are a couple of features you need to know about.

  • User Logins – all users of the database can create a login and save articles and searches.  Besides saving they can –
    • Customize the RSS feeds displayed on the home page
    • Share their folders or articles via email or bookmarks (great for teachers or librarians)
    • Always available from any Gale database supplier.  That’s right if a student is attending UNLV and uses Gale Databases at college then wants to come to one of our libraries and continue working from our Gale databases they can do that if they setup their own Gale login. By logging in to their account from our database they will see all the articles and folders they created while logged in at UNLV.
  • Time magazine goes back to 1923 in full text.  Got a student looking for what happened on August 4, 1929? Use this resource-
    • Browse Publication
    • Search for Time
    • Select Full text coverage year
    • Select 1929
    • Select Issue
    • Select an article from the Table of Contents for the issue
  • Translates article in 11 languages on the fly
  • Build in dictionary – highlight a term and click dictionary
  • Provides images, videos and podcasts as well as articles

Let me know what wowed you!


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