Find Newspapers, Magazines & Journals

We have a development site for our new product from Serial Solutions – Find Newspapers, Magazines and Journals. We still need to get the linking turned on in the databases and the MARC records loaded into the catalog for all our electronic subscriptions.  This site is good if you already have citation information and need to know which database to find the full text or to see which of the databases index a specific title. The first step of this project is just the electronic content.  For the second step I would like to see the print and microfilm holdings included.  Would you also like to see this content?

Note: not all of our databases are listed here as some of them contain only ebooks and not articles.  Please do not use this for a list of databases, if you do you will be missing some.

You are welcome to give it a try and feel free to make any comments you like.  I’ll keep you updated on a launch date for the patrons.


2 thoughts on “Find Newspapers, Magazines & Journals

  1. Yes to adding our print journal/magazine subscriptions and the microfilm. The District spends big $$ for this category and it would be great to have items utilized more.

  2. In re adding the print and microfilm holdings: Absolutely. The larger collections especially have titles that are not available on any database and that information may prove helpful to staff and patron alike.

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