Top Websites

  • Public Agenda Issue Guide: Right to Die
    Organization: Public Agenda

    “Over the past decade, we have gone from Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s first defiantly public assisted suicide to the first legal assisted suicide in Oregon. Although the central issue has been whether terminally ill individuals should have the right to ask a doctor to hasten their own deaths, a larger issue has been raised as well: about dying with dignity and what constitutes a ‘good death.’ Dying, for most Americans, is no longer a natural event, something that simply happens to us. In the majority of cases, people die in hospitals where physicians and nurses make a valiant effort to keep patients alive until there is no reasonable chance of recovery, often using the latest medical technologies.” (PUBLIC AGENDA) This site provides an overview of the debate over euthanasia and features data on public opinion.

  • Focus on the Flu
    Organization: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

    “Get access to a variety of information on seasonal and pandemic [swine] flu… Included are succinct descriptions of NIAID-supported research projects; color illustrations; news releases; publications; NIAID congressional testimony; and helpful Web links.” (NIAID)

  • Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides
    Organization: Environmental Working Group

    This site provides information on pesticides found in fruits and vegetables and advocates the purchase of organic produce. Make a virtual fruit or vegetable salad to find out out how many pesticides would be in the conventional vs. organic versions. View data that show that some fruits and vegetables carry a heavier pesticide load than others.

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