eLibrary Elementary New Titles

The following are new ebook titles which are now available in eLibrary Elementary.

American Journalists: Getting the Story .
Archaeologists: Explorers of the Human Past
Archaeology: Discovering the Past
Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, v 3.0
Compton’s by Britannica, v 6.0
Child of the Fighting Tenth: On the Frontier with the Buffalo Soldiers
GeoNova City Maps
GeoNova Continent Maps
GeoNova Country Maps
GeoNova Flags
GeoNova Ocean Maps
GeoNova Province Maps
GeoNova Region Maps
GeoNova State Maps
GeoNova Territory Maps
GeoNova Thematic Maps
Jazz Makers: Vanguards of Sound
Postwar America: A Student Companion
The Boy of Chancellorville and Other Civil War Stories
The Mystery of the Egyptian Mummy
The Presidency of the United States: A Student Companion
The Middle Ages: An Illustrated History
USA in Space
Weekly Reader Graphic Biographies Series
Weekly Reader Graphic Histories Series


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