What’s New @ OverDrive

I had a training session on Tuesday with OverDrive on What’s New and Coming Soon to OverDrive.

They reminded us that almost all audio books are now compatible with iPods. ePub and PDF formats both work on Sony Readers. They have added new publishers in all formats including Peguin Audio and Scholastic Audio.  One neat ebook publisher is Teacher Created Materials.  These ebooks contain lesson plans and activities on a number of subjects.

Most of the items have already been added to our site but there are a few new ones coming soon.

  • Social Media links – to share a title with a friend via email, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Media Console Version 4  – will have new graphic interface, rotating covers, real time updates & alerts and patrons will be able opt in to receive notices for new books by their favorite author or on their favorite subjects.

Want to know more?  Attached is the Training Month_Partner Update and the audio link.

Questions  asked during the session:

Q: Can an audiobook fit in an iPod Shuffle?

A: Yes, the audiobooks are able to be transferred to the iPod Shuffle.

Q: Are the ratings an average of ratings from our library (our consortium) or from ALL overdrive users?

A: The ratings are based on each Virtual Branch’s ratings.

Q: Can you change your loan period choice after checkout?

A: The loan choice cannot be changed once the titles have been checked out.

Q: Twitter, Face Book, email links — are these a feature we need to request?

A: Your OverDrive Project Manager will be contacting your library’s coordinator shortly.

Q: Will OverDrive iPod-compatible audiobooks work with ITunes 9?

A: Yes, OverDrive’s iPod-compatible audiobooks are compatible with iTunes 9.

Q: Are the Chinese All books in mandarin or another Chinese language?

A: The audiobook titles provided by Chinese All are in the Mandarin dialect.  The eBooks are Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.


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