Encore Live on Monday

We will be launching Encore for our patrons on Monday morning.  The search box at the top of the home page will become an Encore search box.  They will also be offered both the classic catalog and Encore when they select Library Catalog from the left side navigation on the Library’s website.

Encore works well in most browser but there is slight issue with Internet Explorer 8.  It functions just fine but the top looks a little messy with the search box overlapping the word Search.  To fix the issue, any patrons using IE8 and Encore (starting Monday) will need to set their IE8 settings to Compatibility mode for at least Encore.  I recommend that they set it for all websites.

To set Compatibility mode in IE8

  • Open IE8 browser select Tools
  • Select Compatibility View

That’s it!

Want to try Encore before the big launch?  Go to Voyager and enter a search in the second search box which reads Find Books, DVDs & More.

Features only found in Encore:

  • Results page shows a teaser of what is available for each item
  • Explore link brings some database searches for their search to their finger tips
  • Classic Catalog takes the patron to the old catalog where they will have to reenter their search
  • Tagging – patrons can now tag any record in the system.  This is moderated by the Virtual Library.  Tags will only appear instantly in Encore if we have globally accepted them in the past.  Any new tags will not appear until we have looked at them. Tags do not appear in the Classic Catalog
  • Patrons can also use their tags to search by. For an example try “picture book” (include the quotes) then scope to AudioBk Downld to see 8 titles I marked as picture book which reside in OverDrive.
  • Tag Cloud is made up of the subject headings found on the MARC records in the catalog
  • Refine by Library Location – this is really cool and not available in Classic Catalog except for NLV, Boulder and Nellis.
  • Refine by Publish Year – in the classic catalog we can sort by year with the most current year at the top but here you can pick one year.
  • Refine by Language – not just Spanish but all our Languages are listed.

Let us know what you think and what the patrons are saying about Encore.


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