Coming Soon is Changing

The Coming Soon is changing to a new service called WowBrary .  This service is updated each Saturday morning about 3:30am with all new records added to the catalog during the week.  This will also include items added by the contract libraries.  Patrons can subscribe to the service via email or RSS feed. If you have patrons looking for DVDs coming soon there is a link on the sidebar of the newsletter to just DVDs.  I have actually gotten a “soon to be released in the theaters” movie request in and be ranked number 10! There are other links as well by genre and age groups. The listing  includes reviews and Amazon ranks.  Clicking on the title of the item or the “Borrow” link will bring the patron into the library catalog. There are 25 titles listed on each page and if  there are more than 25 titles there are “next” links at the bottom of the list.

In November, we will also be revamping some of our “New”  items BookLetters .  Any patrons signed up for the booksletters will be notified and encouraged to use WowBrary service to learn what is new to the Library.

This change saves a lot of staff time between collection development, marketing and the Virtual Library.  The collection of new records added to the catalog and then the sorting and determining which bookletter to add it to was very time consuming.

We will continue to have some bookletters on the Books, Movies and More page which will contain  “new” items such as the NT Times Best Sellers list.

We hope your patrons find this a good improvement as well.


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