Encore 4.0 – What would you like?

III is planning updating Encore so they are asking what features would you like changed or added to Encore to make it better or easier to use?

Let me know and I will pass your suggestions along to III.


3 thoughts on “Encore 4.0 – What would you like?

  1. There is a refine category for the Children’s Collection, but not for adult materials. Having the ability to weed out YPL materials during a broad search would be helpful.

  2. I’m not sure you are talking about Encore. There is no drop down box in Encore for sorting. Sorting is listed at the top of the top under the yellow bar. Default is relevance and can be changed to date or title. Encore also uses 1 2 3 4 5 next for more results on the same line with sorting. the numbers and next also appear at the bottom of the results list.

  3. Suggestions:

    -A drop down box to see more results per page
    -When you do a keyword search, the Sorted By drop down box disappears and instead becomes links, can the drop down box stay for any type of search, especially since keyword generally has more results
    -An option instead of Next Screen, have arrows that allow you to jump to the next or previous page, or to the last page or first page, like most online shopping sites have

    That’s all I can see at a quick glance. =)

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