WowBrary Comments

If a patron (or staff member) has comments about Wowbrary, please have them send them to the CONTACT US link on the web page, or directly to:

An awful lot of patrons are thrilled with Wowbrary, because they get the upcoming releases WAAAAY earlier than they did before. Folks are getting in the “first recipient” spaces on the new releases, where before they’d end up being #437 on the waiting list.

Here’s what one patron said this past weekend:

I was actually not terribly happy at first by the library switching things up, but wowbrary has grown on me.  It actually is a huge improvement on what the library previously offered for “coming soon” books.

Please cover with your staff all the benefits of Wowbrary, and have your staff suggest the patrons use Wowbrary for a month, then send in a followup comment.

You can also suggest that the patrons subscribe to these two newsletters, which go out every month on the 6th:

Fiction Preview:

NonFiction Preview:

The subscription box is at the top of those pages.


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