OverDrive updates Media Console for WMA Music to iPods & iPhones

OverDrive has released the latest update of OverDrive® Media Console™ for Windows®, which enables library users to transfer OverDrive WMA Music to iPod® and iPhone™. Albums from blues label Alligator Records will be the first music downloads that can be transferred to Apple® devices, and they expect more publishers to allow iPod transfer in the future.

As part of the update, they have optimized the music transfer experience for iPod owners. When OverDrive WMA Music is transferred to an Apple device, it will be categorized as ‘Music,’ and we will enable ‘Remember playback position’ and ‘Skip when shuffling’.

Download OverDrive Media Console v. with OverDrive WMA Music to iPod transfers.

Right now, OverDrive is refreshing the existing Help pages on our download website, and on overdrive.com, to support OverDrive Media Console v3.2.0.3 for Windows. They will also update the Title Details page for OverDrive WMA Music titles that can be transferred to Apple devices. The ‘iPod’ icon in the ‘Plays on’ section of the screen will be enabled where this support exists.


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