New InfoGuide – Economic Resources

Resources to help with current economic hard times.Steve Baskin has created a great resource guide for the hot topic – Economic Resources. This guide is full of great resources for patrons about foreclosures, finding work, money issues, local services which can help and help for seniors.  We are starting to use a new format for the InfoGuides which will be known as Hot Topics on the new website coming early next year.

Instead of presenting the information by format i.e. databases, websites, etc. we are presenting the information by topic area.  The InfoGuide covers a large topic area then is broken down into subsets of the topic with information from databases and websites presented together.

Another change, is how the books are displayed.  We are using BookLetter widgets, which allow for the books to rotate on the InfoGuide.  In addition we can quickly change out the books or reorder them to freshen the InfoGuide.

There are two new social media features:

  1. Social Bookmarking is now available for the guide.  Patrons can bookmark the guide using their favorite social bookmarking tool such as  Checkout our reference bookmarks on the library’s account!
  2. News feed located just below the book widget – the current news feed is only pulling news stories for the foreclosure topic but can be adjusted to pull other topics as well for this guide.

We hope this change will be successful in bring information to our patrons so be sure to let us know what you think of the new format and any suggestions to improve it.


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