Galleries in the Stacks

We will be launching our new Galleries in the Stacks very shortly. This site will hosst information about the exhibits in the Libraries Galleries.  It  is a work in progress. We will be promoting the current exhibits as well providing a place were we can provide an archive of past exhibits.

Through February we are also using the site to promote the virtual gallery – Petstacluar Pets Photo Gallery along with the Pet Story Gallery.  Patrons can submit a photo of their pet or an animal with a caption to be posted in the Pet Gallery.  Additional information can be found on the Pet Page on Galleries in the Stacks .  You may be getting patrons asking about as it will appear in the promotional materials and Highlights for the Pet Fair.

Please feel free to submit your own pet photos and/or stories.


2 thoughts on “Galleries in the Stacks

  1. I checked out the Galleries in the Stacks website and clicked the link for the exhibit in Clark County and there was no information posted, and no pictures.

    Is the lack of content because it’s new and you’re all still working on it, or is that how the website is intended to be?

    Also, there was no link I could see at the site itself which let me email this question/comment to the administrator of that site, so I wasn’t sure where else to post these questions.


  2. This is very exciting for me! I often try to describe our art displays to long distance friends. Sometimes, I even took pictures and emailed them to people I know who appreciate art. Now, this website will make everything so much easier to share the great art displays we have in our libraries with my long distance friends! Thank you for setting this up.

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