Top Websites

Besides the ones listed below checkout additional vetted websites on delicious – Las Vegas – Clark County Library District Bookmarks.

  • Images of Historical Earthquakes
    Organization: National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering NISEE/EERC

    “The Jan T. Kozak Collection includes 875 artistic depictions of large earthquakes (1130-1910) derived from prints, engravings, books, and newspaper illustrations. The collection is searchable by country, earthquake, and slide number, and includes a bibliography of historical sources.” (NISEE/EERC) Learn more about Haiti as it recovers from the January quakes via CultureGrams.

  • Love and Romance Through the Ages: Valentine’s Day
    Organization: Virtual Museum of Canada

    On February 14, tokens of love and affection are exchanged throughout North America and parts of Europe.” (VIRTUAL MUSEUM OF CANADA) View a 3D gallery of Valentine’s Day cards, learn about the history and symbols of this holiday, and more. This site is in English and French.

  • The King Center
    Organization: The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change

    The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change site offers a brief history of the Center, information about Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and influence, a chronology of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, and a glossary of nonviolence terms.


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