Password Retrieval Is Now Available

LearningExpress is pleased to announce the availability of Password Retrieval on its LearningExpress Library and Job & Career Accelerator online platforms.

Effective March 3, 2010, patrons who use LearningExpress Library or Job & Career Accelerator can retrieve forgotten usernames and passwords by clicking on the “Forget your password?” link on the LearningExpress Library and Job & Career Accelerator login page and entering their email address. Users will receive, via e-mail, their username and a temporary login password. Once users log in, they can always change their password in the “My Center” section of LearningExpress Library.

Upon release of this new functionality, all existing users will be prompted to enter a valid e-mail address upon login in order to use it. Existing users who have not entered a valid e-mail address into their user profile can still retrieve forgotten information by clicking on the Customer Support link on the new automated retrieval page or by calling 1-800-295-9556, ext. 2, during regular business hours.

It is important to note that all new users who register for an account on LearningExpress Library or Job & Career Accelerator will be required to include a valid e-mail address to complete the registration process.


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