New Chat Option

On the new website we are trying out a new chat option.  Down at the bottom under Quick Links you will see a black link named “Click to Chat” if  I’m available.  (If I’m not available it will say “Chat is off line”.

Give it a try so we can test it out and see how it works.  What is different about this chat software is the chat box will move with you from page to page.  You can also move the chat box around to a different location on the page or miminize the box using the minus sign.  To reinstate the small chat window click on the minus sign again.

You should also be able to “pop out” the chat box to a new window, however when I tried it with IE8 it did nothing.  Can someone please test on their computer for me using IE8 and other browsers?

If you leave the website, for example if you go to EBSCO Articles, the box will not travel with you but will stay on the website.

I appreciate your help in testing this chat software.


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