OverDrive Changes Their Searching On Their Main Site

Last week, OverDrive launched the new OverDrive Search website, which makes it easier for users to discover digital content from our library’s download website. How, you ask? Well, here are some of the improvements that users will encounter:

1. Keyword Searches: The new search function provides users with full-text searching, which means a search for specific content is smarter and more accurate than before.  I did a quick search for “recipes” in the new search box and BAM!—relevant search results.  (The user can also sort by “Title,” “Publisher” or “Creator” on the “Results” page.) Once a user finds a title they want to checkout, he or she can click on the “Find at a library” button, type in a zip code, and find the closest library that offers the digital title.

2. Local Library Listings: In the zip code search results, library users will now see the name of the library that they are most familiar with.  Say a user in Westerville, Ohio, is looking for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” That user may not know the name “Ohio eBook Project,” but he or she will recognize Westerville Public Library.  The consortium name will still appear in the results, but with the closest library or branch listed alongside.

For our international partners, a user will be able to “Select a Country” right next to the zip code search. If your library offers the title, the region will appear in the “Select a Country” drop down menu.

3. Top Audiobooks & eBooks: The most popular digital books in the OverDrive catalog are now listed on the OverDrive Search homepage. The “Top Audiobooks” and “Top eBooks” slider allows users to browse the most popular titles, listen to samples of audiobooks, and then click-through to the “Title” page. There’s also a link the “Most Downloaded Books from the Library” lists, which power the “Top Audiobooks” and “Top eBooks” slider. The lists are updated on the first of every month.

4. Find at a Bookstore: Some titles are not available at a local library but are available at OverDrive-powered retail websites. With the new search, users can find and purchase digital content by clicking on “Find at a bookstore.” This will provide listings of OverDrive retail partners that offer the eBook or audiobook. And those retail partners use the same software to access the digital titles that the user needs for library downloads.

With “Find at a bookstore,” we’re making sure that users are full-time digital consumers. The more digital content that is available to them, the more likely they will be to come back to find titles available from a local library.

So there you have it—a new OverDrive Search designed with usability and discoverability in mind.

They are still making improvements and have received some helpful feedback from users on making the new OverDrive Search even easier to use. Until they have all the features integrated into the new OverDrive Search, the classic search will still be available at search.overdrive.com/classic.

Note: Our Zipcodes appear to be missing, as I did several searches for items we own and it said it was not available within a 100 miles.  I have sent OverDrive an email requesting us to be added.

What do you think of the new OverDrive Search?


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