WorldCat Search Via Twitter

Found this post today:

Today OCLC Innovation Lab announced a new trial service, #Ask4Stuff<> . It is a very simple tool for using twitter to find “stuff” within WorldCat. Here are instructions on using provided by OCLC:

#Ask4Stuff is a new, Twitter-based service that returns a WorldCat search when you send a tweet with the tag #Ask4Stuff.  So if you send the following tweet:

#Ask4Stuff lake erie shipwreck

You’ll get a tweet back that says something like:

@YOURNAME A few things about lake erie shipwreck in #Ask4Stuff, check out Where the link then takes you to the search result for “lake erie shipwreck.”

You can even localize the result to a WorldCat Local instance by including the Local library name as another hash tag.


#Ask4Stuff #OSU lake erie shipwreck

I have been playing with it and find it quite easy to use.  Here are some examples:

I send “#ask4stuff #TC3 au: hemingway, ernest” via Twitter and get the following back:

Ask4Stuff @BillDrew4 A wide and varied collection of au: hemingway, ernest in #Ask4Stuff at #TC3, look here:

The result is a list of works by Ernest Hemingway including books and magazine articles in the TC3 version of WorldCat Local.

You can use other search strategies as well. Here is one for a title search of Where the Wild Things Are within TC3 WorldCat Local:

#ask4stuff #TC3 ti:where the wild things are The resulting reply gives you a rich set of results:

Ask4Stuff @BillDrew4 Not a bad collection of ti:where the wild things are in #Ask4Stuff at #TC3, check out Phrase searching works quite well, too.  Here is one I did:

#ask4stuff “not just cows”

Here are the results:

Ask4Stuff @BillDrew4 We found something on “not just cows” in #Ask4Stuff, check out Many may ask,”Why do this?”  This may be useful. it is outside the box. It also give you a way to do quick searches and share the results with others via Twitter.  OCLC Innovation Lab is to be commended for this effort. Innovative and fun to use!!


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