New Features Coming to EBSCO

EBSCO will soon release user interface improvements to our EBSCOhost subscription. While the release is still a few weeks from being implemented, I wanted to provide you with what the changes will be. I will communicate in more detail as the release date nears.

The following information summarizes the most significant changes you will see later this summer in EBSCOhost:

  • Limiters and the date slider will move from the right to the left column beside the Result List, which is a more intuitive position for these popular features, consolidating all the ways users can refine and work with their results in one area. For a look at the updated Result List, click on the graphic to the right and then click again to enlarge it.
  • Detailed record pages will be more streamlined, and links to full text, your link resolvers, ILL, etc. will be more prominently displayed on the right.
  • Users will be able to select multiple clusters and source types when managing results.
  • There will be an enhanced PDF Viewer, Content Viewer, HTML Full Text, etc.
  • A “breadbox” (i.e. bread crumbs trail) will show users which limiters, expanders and source types have already been selected.
  • Simpler overall interface elements will increase the intuitiveness of the user experience. ( So EBSCO says)

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